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The newest and most powerful Aero Air Purifier: Apollo Series 1.


Aero Apollo S1 features:

  • Powerful CADR at 900m3/h
  •  99.995% capture rate with the medical-grade H14 HEPA Filter
  • Powered Photocatalytic Oxidation Purification Technology combined with Two UVC-Light Sterilization effective in killing germs, bacteria, and virus
  •  12-level filtration system to remove pollutants, odors, and particles
  • State-of-the-art Twin Tower style double air filtration with two full-size HEPA 14 Filter
  •  Smart Visual Display of Air's Quality powered by the most advanced dust and light sensor
  •  Equipped with Two Activated Carbon Filter for maximum effectivity and efficiency on odor removal
  •  Ergonomic 360-degree universal wheel design that offers the convenience of being able to move one machine from one room to another



SKU: 0003
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    Apollo S1 Air Purifier with H14 HEPA and UVC sterilization lights.

    Clean Air Delivery Rate 900 m3/h
    Negative Ions Release 20 millions/cubic meter
    Noise 35 db (A)
    Filter Life 6 to 8 months average
    Air Changes per hour 200 sqm (40 minutes) , 100 sqm (20 minutes), 50 sqm or less ( 2 to 10 minutes)
    Rated Voltage 220V / 50 Hz
    Rated Power 85 W
    Cord Length 1.8 meter
    Chasis Premium ABS Thermoplastic Polymer 
    Air Quality Sensor PM 2.5 Sensor
    Air Filter Class Medical-grade H14 
    Packaging Size 430mm x 440mm x 854mm
    Product Weight  4 Kilograms


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